Kerio Technologies, Inc., a global provider of complete IT infrastructure solutions, allows businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely.

Kerio distributes its solutions through a network of more than 6,000 reseller partners. We currently have more than 50,000 customers and millions of users of our technologies.

Founded in 1997, Kerio is headquartered in San Jose, California, and has offices in New York, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Australia, and Russia.

Kerio is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of CalConnect, a calendaring and scheduling consortium, and a member of the Mac Developer Program.

Kerio’s philosophy is: IT should be simple, stable and secure.

Alternative IT

The IT space has changed so much in the last few years. Technologies like cloud computing, touch screen tablets and social collaboration tools mean the status quo is no longer the only option. In fact, it may not be the best option at all.

At Kerio, we have embraced the alternative IT approach and are focused on making technology more simple, flexible, and accessible. Alternative IT is gaining ground because it makes too much sense to ignore.

Complete IT Infrastructure

Alternative IT is at the core of our infrastructure products, whether in the back office or hosted in the cloud. Organizations that prefer IT to be functional, robust and flexible, but not overly complicated look to Kerio’s unified collaboration, communications and security solutions.

As an alternative to stripped down products originally intended for the enterprise, Kerio alleviates the IT headaches that have traditionally plagued businesses without expansive IT departments. We present a harmonious experience across our communication and collaboration tools and don’t burden customers with unnecessary IT overhead costs.

Whether you want to securely share files across your organization, communicate with clients or colleagues via voice, email or social media-style messaging, or protect your network with state-of-the-art security appliances, Kerio offers technology to meet your mission-critical business goals and achieve the best possible ROI on investments.

Quite simply, solutions from Kerio work as expected, and don’t interfere with people’s ability to do work. Our goal is to enhance the user experience and remove the unnecessary complexity from technology.

Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect is the most complete, platform agnostic, and mobile aware messaging server on the planet. Kerio Connect combines advanced email, calendaring and collaboration features with integrated anti-virus, powerful anti-spam, built-in archiving, automated backup and an easy admin interface, fully accessible via any standard web browser. Kerio Connect offers unrivaled flexibility that lets small and medium businesses use the platform and mobile device of their choice.

  • Anywhere Access
  • Advanced Email Security
  • Email Archiving
  • Automated Backup
  • Flexible deployment & administration

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Kerio Control

Kerio Control is a unified threat management solution featuring unified security, VPN, bandwidth controls, link load balancing, and other comprehensive tools to prevent multiple layers of Internet abuse. Kerio Control offers more hardware scalability than traditional security appliances, and gives administrators complete control over network security and user access management. Kerio Control is also offered as a performance optimized appliance, Kerio Control Box, which combines all of the security features available in the software with perfectly matched hardware.

  • Unified threat management
  • User management
  • Kerio Control Web Filter
  • Quality of Service
  • Flexible deployment & administration

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Kerio Operator

Kerio Operator allows businesses to improve communication, control costs, and stay connected anywhere, while providing ease of use for both the client and the administrator. Based on the industry-standard SIP VoIP protocol, Kerio Operator is compatible with any SIP device and provider, and will auto-configure with most popular phones. Kerio Operator is available as a software appliance that has everything you need to be up and running in minutes.

  • Voicemail/Email integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Auto attendant
  • Auto provisioning
  • Call parking and Call recording

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Kerio Workspace

Kerio Workspace is your team’s cloud-based collaboration point, keeping your team’s project files in sync across desktop and mobile devices. But it does more than make file sharing easy. It’s your own social collaboration platform designed to promote, organize, and preserve your team’s communication in ways email can’t. Kerio Workspace is a simply designed, single place to share files and collaborate on great ideas with your team in your own private cloud.

  • Online File Sharing
  • Project Collaboration
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Cloud Hosted

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