Comendo Security A/S is a pioneer in cloud-based IT security.

Since founding in 2002, Comendo has developed market leading security solutions for Nordic and European companies.

Comendo Security A/S holds 40 percent of the Danish market for cloud-based e-mail security solutions. They are represented in Denmark, Dubai, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Holland.

As a pioneer in cloud-based IT security, Comendo has focussed on developing and offering corporate IT security as a service in the cloud.

With their own secure data centers, operation and development and through our collaboration with Cisco and Trend Micro, Comendo can now offer customers total solutions in IT security as a service in the cloud along with support and technical competence.

Comendo Security A/S is part of Comendo Group, which was listed on Nasdaq OMX in 2006.

 mailFence + spamFence
mailFence ensures that emails are free of viruses and spamFence removes all spam mails as all emails are scanned before it reaches to the recipient.

Get real-time backup of both incoming and outgoing e-mails assuring zero data loss in case of mail server or backup failure.

Ensure secure e-mail communication between sender, recipient and the Comendo data centers.

Online access to your e-mails that will always be available independently of your mail server and other infrastructure.