Application Security


Founded in 2001, Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc) has pioneered database security, risk, and compliance solutions for the enterprise. AppSecInc empowers organizations to assess, monitor and protect their most critical database assets in real time, while simplifying audits, monitoring risk, and automating compliance requirements.

As the leading provider of cross platform solutions for the enterprise, AppSecInc’s products – AppDetectivePro for auditors and IT advisors, and DbProtect for the enterprise – deliver the industry’s most comprehensive database security solution. With over 1,300 active customers in 130 countries, AppSecInc is headquartered in New York City and has offices throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

The award-winning AppSecInc product line, acknowledged as the industry’s only complete database security, risk, and compliance solution, enables organizations to extend existing data protection measures to include the database, thereby tightening security and bolstering compliance. Our security experts, combined with our strong support team, deliver up-to-date database protection that minimizes risk while enabling business operations.

AppSecInc customers include over 250 unique federal, state, and local government organizations, eight out of ten of the world’s largest global banks, three major credit card companies, two stock exchanges, several of the largest financial services companies in the U.S., five of the top ten global telecommunications companies, several of the world’s largest retailers, major hotel and hospitality chains, three global clothing retailers, top grocery chains, and major electronics and manufacturing organizations, leading colleges and universities including Harvard, Columbia Presbyterian Teaching Hospital, Swarthmore College and the Georgia Board of Regents, major healthcare organizations including several divisions of BlueCross/BlueShield, major hospitals, and government-contracted heath organizations.

AppSecInc has 88% market share among the audit and consultant community. The company was ranked #28 in the 2008 Deloitte Technology “Fast 50″, with 5-year revenue growth of 1,253%, and named one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies” in 2008 by Inc. Magazine.

AppSecInc helps secure millions of data records including: credit cards, bank records, social security numbers, health information, intellectual property, personal identification numbers (PIN), government information, and all other types of sensitive data.


Collect, Analyze, Remediate and Enforce
is a centrally managed enterprise solution for comprehensive database security process control. Based upon proven technology, the DbProtect platform integrates database asset management, vulnerability management, rights management, policy management, database activity monitoring and reporting and analytics for a complete enterprise solution. DBProtect enables organizations with complex, heterogeneous environments to optimize database security, manage risk, and bolster regulatory compliance.


Database Vulnerability Assessment for Auditors and IT Advisors
A network-based, discovery and vulnerability assessment scanner, AppDetectivePro discovers database applications within your infrastructure and assesses their security strength. AppDetectivePro allows professionals to scan database for vulnerabilities, configuration issues, weak passwords, patch issues, access control issues, and other issues that can lead to user privilege escalation. As a result, enterprises can proactively harden their database applications with the help of AppDetectivePro’s key features.